Fine Art Photographer Showcases An Exclusive Collection In Cherry Creek

Jessica Hughes, Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle, May 20, 2022

Opening last July in Cherry Creek, Relévant Galleries showcases the work of fine art photographer David Yarrow through a variety of larger-than-life wildlife and lifestyle pieces. Yarrow’s work documents the natural world from new perspectives with large archival pigment prints that feature stars and supermodels such as Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, and Jordan Belfort. Often drawing inspiration from the natural wonders of Colorado, it felt like a natural fit with Relévant Galleries to house one of his largest exclusive collections in the United States.


Located between the newly revamped Hotel Clio and North Italia on Clayton Lane, the gallery is a showstopper for anyone walking by. “The visual impact of the gallery is truly spectacular with an outsider’s view of large-scale black and white images. It is hard to walk by and not turn your head,” says Courtney Olson, the fine art advisor for Relévant Galleries. “That alone brings clients in, however, when they see an icon like Cindy Crawford or Ciara and Russell Wilson in a shot it adds an extra level of intrigue. His work is so unique that people do stop and stare to take it all in.”


In the words of David, “Be bold, embrace the unexpected, and aim to create pictures with an impact.” David’s stunning photography is something to be taken in and admired from both up close and from afar. The realness with which he brings natural scenes and not-so-natural scenes to life in one single shot makes an impression on anyone, even if just an admirer. “The world truly needs to experience his work and the impact he makes creating it,” says Olson. Viewing his work is an experience all on its own.


While Denver has long been known as an outdoor recreation destination, in recent years, Denver’s art scene has also become one of the reasons to visit the Mile High City. With new galleries opening up all around the city, Cherry Creek has become a popular destination for the art lover, including the recent addition of Relévant Galleries.


“Cherry Creek North is the premier luxury location in Denver, hosting over 300 unique shops. We have two other sister locations (Clayton Lane Fine Arts & Master’s Gallery) which have had a strong presence in the community for over 10 years. Right now, we believe Cherry Creek is the new cultural hub of Denver,” explains Olson.


With over 50 years of experience in the fine art business, Relévant Galleries represents both world renowned and local artists, with a dedication to the support and patronage of fine art. The Cherry Creek art gallery is the newest fine art gallery to be introduced to the AD Galleries family, represented by a collection of eight galleries (and growing) in resort towns, including Aspen, Vail, Beaver Creek, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.


“We pride ourselves on creating an unforgettable experience that brings together both stunning images and stories,” Olson assures her clients and admirers of the gallery. “At Relévant Galleries, you will always walk away from the gallery with more than you came in with whether that is an emotional or physical connection to the art.”