On the Job with Fine Art Advisor and Curator Courtney Olsen

Kerrie Lee Brown, Denver Life: Colorado's leading lifestyle magazine, September 1, 2022

Relévant Galleries is the newest fine art gallery to be introduced to the AD Galleries family, represented by a collection of galleries (and growing) in prestigious resort towns including Aspen, Vail and Beaver Creek—as well as three galleries in Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood. We caught up with Relévant Galleries Fine Art Advisor and Curator Courtney Olson to find out why her family-run business is one of the most established networks of privately owned art galleries in the country.


How did the family business start?
“Although I am new to the company, I have grown up around the fine art business my entire life. AD Galleries (parent company) was founded in Denver over 50 years ago by my Great Uncle, Paul Zueger. He is a serial entrepreneur and before calling fine art his focus, he was a rodeo cowboy, nightclub owner and professional poker player. My parents (Lynnette Zueger-Olson and Mike Olson) began at the company in the 1980s and are now partners in AD Galleries along with Paul and Bonnie Zueger. My Dad is currently the Managing Director and visionary for the entire firm.”


Tell us about Relévant Galleries.
“Relévant Galleries is the newest gallery for the company and focuses on one major artist. David Yarrow is recognized as one of the best-selling fine art photographers in the world and his limited edition works regularly sell at high prices at Sotheby’s and other auction houses. We currently house the largest collection of his work in the U.S. showcasing everything from African wildlife to his incredible Wild West storytelling scenes featuring Cindy Crawford, Alessandra Ambrosia, Kate Bock and many other standout models.”


Why are galleries special?
“Fine art galleries are true cultural draws in a city for not only art collectors but tourism as well. Creating that draw for art collectors in turn can boost the local economy for our local restaurants, hotels and other retails stores… Along with the opening of Relévant Galleries, we have had two locations in Cherry Creek for over twenty years (Clayton Lane Fine Arts and Master’s Gallery). We love the Cherry Creek North community and we see it as the cultural hub of Denver. From those who are designing their home to those who just want a weekend in the city, we have seen a dramatic change of the retail market here.”


How do you choose your artwork?
“We curate our collection to really showcase every part of an artist’s collection. By focusing in on one artist, we are able to truly become experts of their collection. With David Yarrow’s work, we show everything from African, Artic and North American wildlife to his cutting-edge storytelling scenes. We are constantly bringing in the newest pieces, which range from $20,000 upwards of $200,000.”